Per Sean Leahy of Yahoo!, P.K. Subban was fined $2,000 by the NHL after his “embellishment” penalty from Game 4 of the Predators’ second round series against the Blues. The release by the league states that Subban was warned after an incident against the Wild, and the embellishment call in Game 4 triggered the fine.

Again, here is the incident in question:

Joel Edmundson basically performs a takedown on Subban by going for his head. As they are both going to the ground, Edmundson’s stick catches the back of P.K.’s noggin. Remember that Subban couldn’t serve his own penalty because he was in the locker room getting tended to by the trainers.

You have to respect the NHL here. In a world where people and organizations are constantly apologizing, Gary Bettman and his minions are doubling down. Days after Sidney Crosby had his brain turned to mush for the second time in a week, the NHL comes out and fines a player for experiencing pain after a shot to the head. Player safety, player schmafety. This is hockey. If you can’t play with some scrambled eggs in your skull, go play soccer.

Roger Goodell: We are the best at saying we care about player safety then not following through.

Gary Bettman: Hold my beer.

Luckily for Subban, $2,000 is about .01% of what he put in his bank account this season. As a matter of fact, my advice to Hot Chocolate would be to round up that fine in pennies from his car, couch, or nightstand and drop it at the front door of the NHL offices in New York. Better yet, maybe Subban could just not get hurt when hit in the head like a clown. Right, Mike?