Montreal is big on recycling. Whether it’s Moulson cans, disgusting French wine bottles, or hockey coaches, they go green. The rest of the world thanks you.

Therrien Out, Julien In (Again)

Rarely is something truly original these days, but here at Hockey 615 we pride ourselves on being our own blog and creating our own schtick. However, I have to break from that this week due to this news. In the words of Barstool Sports, HOLY CRAP MICHEL THERRIEN GOT CUCKED!!! The Boston Bruins got cucked too! It’s just one big ol’ puck fest. On Tuesday, the Montreal Canadiens fired head coach Michel Therrien and immediately hired former Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien. This is nearly a carbon copy of what happened around 15 years ago. In the middle of the 02-03 season, the Haps fired Therrien and hired Claude Julien. Julien lasted till about halfway through the 04-05 season with the Candiens before he also got the big French-Canadian boot.

The difference this time around is that the Canadiens were sitting in 1st place in the Atlantic Division at the time Therrien got a pink slip. I will put two caveats on that. The first ย is that the Atlantic Division is comparable to the South Division in the Greater Nashville Area Scholastic Hockey League this year. The second is that, while they are 6 points up on 2nd place Ottawa, they have played 4 more games than them. Still, the Haps are in first with just over 1/4 of the season left. There’s about a 99% chance they make they playoffs. I’ll say this for Montreal’s GM Marc Bergevin: he’s got kahunas. This summer, he trades the franchise’s most beloved player for a 31 year old defenseman with an insane contract. Now, he cans his 1st place head coach mid season and hires the coach of his most bitter rival. If he thinks he can make his team better, he doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Ultimately, I think it works out just like it did in 2002-2003. They enjoy some success under Julien, but don’t win a Cup in three years. The restless Montreal media and fans run Julien out of town again. Rinse and repeat. Hell, they might even hire Therrien again. Hang in there Michel, there will be an opening for a French speaking coach in 3 years!

Get Your Own Damn Stick

So the video below is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Eerie Otters forward and top Arizona Coyotes’ prospect Dylan Strome has his stick taken from him. In that same sequence, he picks up an opponent’s stick and scores a goal.

There’s a lot to digest here. First, the fact that Brandon Crawley of the London Knights steals Strome’s stick in the first place is pretty diabolical. Whenever I dropped my stick in a game, never once did it cross my mind to steal someone else’s stick and use it. Why not? Probably because that is definitely illegal. Actually, the official penalty is “Holding the Stick”, but I don’t think they considered a penalty for using an opponent’s stick because it wouldn’t ever get that far. This brings me to nugget number two for us all to digest. How in the name of Gretzky did the ref not see Crawley straight up jack Strome’s stick? It was right in front of the goalie and clear as day. He yanks Strome’s stick right out of his stick and starts playing with it. Did the refs think Strome’s stick magically disappeared. Yeah, he’s a magician with the puck on his stick, but he ain’t David Blaine. Next is the actual goal itself. Strome strolled over, grabbed Crawley’s dropped stick, and ended up scoring on the play. I am an idiot, which means I am a HUGE subscriber to the theory that “ball/puck don’t lie”. If you get screwed over, you will be rewarded almost immediately. This play just further proves that to me. Finally, the most savage thing about all of this was how calmly Dylan Strome skated over to Brandon Crawley after the celebrations were over and exchanged sticks as if to casually say, “Oh hey, you dropped this. I didn’t want you to lose it. It works just fine in case you were worried”. This is my favorite play of this hockey season so far. No question.

Anderson Shuts Out Isles In Return

Earlier this season, we blogged about how Craig Anderson’s wife Nicholle announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In Anderson’s first start after that, he shut out the red hot Oilers 2-0. Fast forward to this past Saturday. Anderson hasn’t started in net since December 5th because he has been with his wife while she undergoes treatment. In his first game back, he gets the Islanders. They’ve played very well since Jack Capuano was fired and have found themselves back in the playoff race. What does Craig Anderson do? Nothing less than a 3-0, 33 save shut out victory. I consider former Vol safety Eric Berry to be a real life superhero, and Craig Anderson is quickly approaching that status too. He seems to step up when life is at its toughest. It’s incredibly inspiring to watch.

3 Stars of the Week

3rd Star- Geno’s Filthy Moves

Evgeni Malkin puts not one, but two Canuck defenders in a blender. Phil Kessel gets the easiest goal of his fat-faced career.

2nd Star- Silky Schilkey

That’s NHL speed and hands at the NCAA level. Man amongst boys type of stuff. The #bardown finish was a nice touch. Check to make sure that kid isn’t getting any free tattoos though.

1st Star- SEC! SEC!

Was the 2nd Star goal cooler? Yes, but this will be the ONLY time SEC hockey makes it on this blog all year. The most impressive part of this goal was that he got tackled like this game was between the hedges in Athens as he was batting the puck out of the air.

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